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Hand Made Jewelry

Coffee Shop

Pottery | Seagrove Creations

At Seagrove Creations, we believe that part of what makes Seagrove, NC so special is its incredible local arts scene. Our coffee shop helps to foster...

Hand Made Jewelry | Seagrove Creations

There is nothing quite as beautiful as jewelry, and accessorizing your body is a way to not only build confidence, but to tie together an otherwise...

Coffee Shop | Seagrove Creations

If you’re looking for a lovely, peaceful retreat in the Seagrove, NC area, then look no further than Seagrove Creations. We are unlike any other coffee...

We’re a coffee house built with the art lover in mind. Come in and see our beautiful selection of pottery!

Welcome To Seagrove Creations

Peaceful Haven

In this fast paced day and age of information and online communication, people are beginning to appreciate personal connections and art more than ever before. Here at Seagrove Creations we pride ourselves on having created a beautiful, comforting atmosphere that offers not only home brewed coffee, but also exquisite artwork and pottery to not only enjoy but purchase for your own home! Our store is full of chairs and shelves so that you can leisurely sit or stroll through our store while appreciating some of the area’s best art.

Seagrove Creations serves the best, most eye opening coffee in the Seagrove, NC area. We are a well-known destination for study bugs, first dates, and art aficionados alike! While we are a laid-back, leisure-oriented business, we also cater to the working person who was picked for the afternoon drink run at their office. We will serve you quickly and with a smile so that you can get back to doing the things you love, whether it’s sitting in our store looking over our vase selection, or playing the hero of the day at your workplace.

Our selection of beans is sure to please even the most serious coffee lovers, and it can also help you to find a new variety that will excite and amaze you. Our wood side, comfort-of-home atmosphere can help you make something special of your days off, and can also impress a special someone on a first date.

Seagrove Creations was designed to be a lovely, peaceful haven for not only our family, but also the people in our area looking for a place to relax and enjoy art and coffee.

Our store is something you truly have to see to believe. If you need directions feel free to call or e-mail us. Stop by for a cup of coffee today!