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About Us

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Seagrove Creations opened its doors to the public on April 6, 2007 in Seagrove, NC, with our daughter, Stephanie Vann purchasing the first sale. Since then, Seagrove has become a fan favorite and haven for the local arts. What sets us apart from other coffee houses and art shops is our family oriented nature that is enriched through our company history.

Our son, Darian, had just earned his Bachelor of Arts after his 4th year at UNC-Charlotte out of a 5 year architecture program. His father promised that if Darian would design a building for him, he would build it. Darian took the offer and ran with it. Not only did he design a building to display the art works of Seagrove, but he also included space for Mom’s cherished dream of a gourmet coffee and pastry shop.

After many hours of discussions and critiquing, the final building was approved and construction began. Footings were dug, gravel was poured and rebar was placed. On January 26, 2006 the concrete slab was poured and building of the walls began. Stone and brick were placed according to Darian’s design. In March, 2006 the carpenter was hired and building the upper walls and roof began. After 27 months of hard work, the doors were opened to the public.

The building consists of over 4,000 square feet of stone floors, fireplaces, sidewalks, sign, and walls. Much of the work was completed by us, inspired by our son's incredible design. Both father and son are designers; father is a stone contractor and Darian now works for an architecture firm in Charlotte, NC.

Our amazing history adds life to our business, and when you stop by today you will see it in our walls, feel it in our customer service, and taste it in our coffee!