Hand Made Jewelry

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Hand Made Jewelry

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There is nothing quite as beautiful as jewelry, and accessorizing your body is a way to not only build confidence, but to tie together an otherwise uninspired outfit. Our custom, hand made jewelry is made with love and care, and is sure to make you smile! At Seagrove Creations, we sell a wide selection of local accessories that are proudly displayed alongside the region’s best arts and crafts. Feel free to enjoy some of our delicious coffee while you leisurely peruse our hand made jewelry selection.

In addition to our jewelry selection, we offer a wide variety of hand crafted accessories, including scarves and hats so that you can weather the colder seasons in style! Our hand made jewelry and accessory section is sure to send you off with a new adornment that you can’t get enough of! The jewelry and accessories we sell are truly one of a kind and crafted locally, but are priced extremely well so that you don’t have to break the bank.

Seagrove, NC is filled with a vibrant, wonderful art scene, and our hand made jewelry selection is a testament to that fact. We proudly display the area’s best and sell at reasonable prices so that our customers walk away with a greater knowledge of our local art scene. We are here to help bring the arts to life and bring beauty and inspiration to everyday life, and when you walk into our store and browse our wares you will see exactly that, guaranteed.

If you are looking to make your next outfit incredible, or if you are curious about what our local arts community has to offer you, stop by our store today to see for yourself!