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At Seagrove Creations, we believe that part of what makes Seagrove, NC so special is its incredible local arts scene. Our coffee shop helps to foster and improve upon that scene by showcasing and selling local pottery and vases. We have created a coffee shop that provides its guests with comfort and peace so that each person who walks in is encouraged to move about the rooms and browse at Seagrove’s finest selection of pots and vases.

Seagrove is home to a small but thriving arts community, and here at our café we are proud to sell works by over 65 local craftsmen. Enjoy a cup of coffee and shop in our gallery to find pottery ranging from rustic work that has been salt glazed and wood-fired to brightly colored, delicate crystalline creations. At Seagrove Creations, we also carry jewelry, handmade felted wool hats, handmade purses, baskets, candles and blown glass.

Our wide selection of vases, cups, pots, and the like is guaranteed to provide you with comfort. Our selection includes various types of pottery in addition to various color palettes and feels. When you walk into our store you will find a host of art that will not only work well in your home, but accent and improve it as well!

For the most inspiring and comforting selection of Seagrove arts and crafts, look no further than Seagrove Creations! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee and local art today when you stop in and pay us a visit!